as of June 16, 2021
Position Name Phone E-Mail
President Mark (Z-man) Zinser 863-559-9550 president1.polkcountyabate@gmail.com
Vice President Tim McDermott 863-688-3161 vicepresident1.polkcountyabate@gmail.com
Secretary Lo Alexander 863-688-3161 secretary1.polkcountyabate@gmail.com
Legislative Mark (Z-man) Zinser 863-559-9550 president1.polkcountyabate@gmail.com
Treasurer Ron Jurgenson 863-559-1325 abatepolktreasurer@gmail.com
Products Ron Jurgenson 863-559-1325 abatepolktreasurer@gmail.com
Sgt at Arms Leroy Miller 863-808-6413 abatepolksgtatarms@gmail.com
Membership Debbie Daggett 863-324-7499 membershipabatepolk@hotmail.com
PR Holly Kallister 309-264-4733 prpolkcountyabate@hotmail.com
Delegates Tim McDermott 863-688-3161 Delegates1.polkcountyabate@gmail.com
Delegates Bill Hardy 863-709-7713 Delegates1.polkcountyabate@gmail.com
Delegates Alternate Ron Jurgenson 863-559-1325 abatepolktreasurer@gmail.com
Webmaster Steve Ammerman 813-363-9540 roadkingsteve4@hotmail.com
Newsletter Holly Kallister 309-264-4733 abatepolknewsletter@hotmail.com
Safety Officer Don Stewart 863-528-5273 abatepolksafety@gmail,com
All donations, monetary or otherwise to ABATE of Florida Inc. are not deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes
ABATE of Florida Inc. does not condone drinking and driving